Sabot Membership FAQs

I lost my decal.....what do I do?
The INSA office keeps track of when your dues were paid, what boat you registered and when your decal was mailed.  If you've lost it, you can puchase a replacement for $10.

I sold my boat.....what do I do?
Let the INSA office know you've sold your boat and the person to whom you sold so we can keep track in the database.

I bought a boat....what do i do?
Contact the INSA office by phone or email and let them know the new hull number.  If it doesn't have a current decal, you need to registser the boat to get a decal.

I'm borrowing a boat...what do i do?
Any boat racing needs to be registered annually. Ask the owner if they will register the boat or if you will to ensure the boat is properly registsered for the year.

How do I join the Sabot Class?
Go to
or mail a check, payable to Int. Naples Sabot Association, with this membership form to the INSA office.  
Make sure to include a hull number with your membership. The INSA office does not mail decals without a hull number associated with the membership.

How do i renew my Sabot Membership?
Go to   
If you have bought or sold a boat, make sure to update your membership profile. If you moved up in fleets, update that as well!  Sabot dues are on a calendar year.

How do I find the boat's hull number?
Generally the hull number is engraved into the front thwart of the boat, inside, near the bottom. It should be a 4 or 5 digit number. More often than not, if there is a serial number on the transom, it does not  have the hull number embedded within... Your junior director or coach should be able to help locate a number.

What if there's no hull number?
If you cannot find any identifying numbers, contact the INSA office and we'll issue a new number or one that is "age appropriate" for the year of the boat.

How much are new hull numbers?
New hull numbers are $25 and can only be issued from the INSA office.

Does my sail number need to match my hull number?
Yes! Per the Class rules, they are to match. Often times peopel will donate or sell sails, but keep their number on. You should put the proper number on your sail to match your boat. Any local sailmaker can sell you replacement numbers.

What if my boat doesn't have a Measurement Certificate?
First check with the INSA office to see if there is a MC on file. If not, our Chief Measurer can arrange to have the boat checked to create a MC. All racing boats should have a MC.

Where do I find the Sabot Class rules?
Go to