For many undergoing INSA Measurement is a sailor’s first experience with boat measurement.  It may seem confusing at first but there are really just 2 types of measurement: MEASUREMENT FOR CERTIFICATION and REGATTA MEASUREMENT.


Measurement for Certification only needs to happen once unless your Sabot undergoes major structural repairs after it’s initial measurement. The first time measurement is $50 and when completed the Measurer will submit your completed Measurement Data Sheet to the Office and the Office will issue you a Measurement Certificate. This Certificate is your proof that the boat is a legal Naples Sabot. Keep it in a safe place and when you sell the boat make sure it goes on to the next owner.

  • List of hull numbers currently certified as Naples Sabots – work in progress, send update to the Class Office
  • Duplicate Measurement Certificate Request Form (kept by the owner and transferred to the new owner when the boat is sold)
  • Initial Certification Measurement Request Form (filled out to schedule a measurement date)


This measurement happens each year for boats sailing in the Junior or Senior Nationals.  There is no fee and there are several measurement dates scheduled for you to complete this.  The boat measurement MUST be completed before the start of Nationals.



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 Sabot Measurement Explained – Past Chief Measurer Rowell Green, 2008

 Solving The Great Mystery of Sabot Measurement – San Diego Fleet Measurer Bill Kelly, 2009

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