What does membership do for me?

Remember the summer days you spent on the water learning how to sail with your friends? How many of those early lessons still ring true today? We want to foster those memories in our juniors, and let you relive them in our senior racing ranks.


By becoming an INSA member, you are supporting your class by:

  • Competing in INSA sanctioned events.
  • Supporting the ongoing enforcement of INSA measurement regulations and racing rules.
  • Supporting ongoing class initiatives, such as the development and maintenance of this website.
  • Promoting the Junior and Senior National Championships and ensure top-quality regatta management at these events.
  • Supporting class collaboration with the United States Sailing Association to promote one-design racing and sail-training in the United States.
  • Supporting and protecting the strength and culture of our class within the one-design and sail-training communities.
  • Protecting the resale value of your boat by encouraging a pipeline of excited, motivated sailors.
  • Providing a link to Naples Sabot builders and other sabot vendors.


Welcome to the Naples Sabot family! Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you on the water!

Membership Fees

  • $30 Boat Registration (includes primary skipper membership + 1 boat registration decal) for members.
  • $10 for a lost decal 
  • There is a $2 surcharge for payments made online with a credit card.

New Hull Registration

  • If you have a new boat built, the hull  number issuance fee is $25.

How to Join