The Southern California Women’s Sailing Association is comprised of women and men sailors (18 years of age and up) who race Naples Sabots. The organization provides an opportunity to race at all levels. Less experienced men and women race together in the C Fleet. More accomplished women race in B or A Fleets. Experienced men are given a separate start and race among themselves in their own fleet.


The SCWSA has five regattas during each year – one each at NHYC, MBYC, BYC, ABYC and the final one at SDYC.

SCWSA collects annual dues of $10 in addition to your INSA dues. You can elect to pay these dues when renewing your INSA dues.  


Commodore Julie McPherson (619) 322-0298 SDYC
Vice Commodore Betty Becker (619) 298-4276 SDYC
Secretary Nancy Mellon (714) 998-0917 BYC
Treasurer Deon MacDonald   NHYC
Trophy Chair Meredith Blair (619) 269-0372 SDYC

SCWSA Series

The overall series and Perpetual trophies for the 2019 season were presented at the final race in the SCWSA five (5) regatta series, held at SDYC in November.


Women's A 1st Place:

Women's A 2nd Place:

Women's A 3rd Place:

Betty Becker - SDYC

Cynthia Heavrin - ABYC

Julie McPherson - SDYC

Women's B 1st Place:

Women's B 2nd Place:

Women's B 3rd Place:

Meredith Blair - SDYC

Susan  Jennings - NHYC

Nancy Mellon - BYC

Men's 1st Place:

Men's 2nd Place:

Men's 3rd Place:

Scott Finkboner - MBYC

Dan North - SDYC

Lanny Coon - MBYC

Mixed C 1st Place:

Lachy McLean - MBYC

Most improved sailor:



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